2013- 2015 Professional R&D team from Japan, Taiwan and China delved into health products development.2016- Establishment of Soyoshi Taiwan

2016- Foundation of Soyoshi brand

2016- The first Soyoshi brand hydrogen water generator presented to the public.

2017- Establishment of Soyoshi Shenzhen2017- Establishment of Soyoshi Japan

2017- Establishment of product design center in Japan2017- Establishment of Soyoshi Malaysia.

2017- Membership of JHPA

2017- Overseas general agency of worldwide unique Portable Hydrogen Generator from ISMZ

2017-Sante’ portable hydrogen generator presented to the public2017-Series reports by Commercial Times

2018- Establishment of Soyoshi Shanxi

2019- Establish of Fuyoshi Health Group

2019- Cooperation with Fuji-Fines to develop pet hydrogen water business.

2019- Cooperation with OMCO to develop international business

2019- Expansion of global layout by Fuyoshi Health Group

2020- Formally develop pet health business